Comprehensive environmental

If you are considering an environmental project, surely you have a specific ecological impact in mind that you want to achieve.

Environmental projects

If you have initiated an environmental project, then you must appreciate the delicate and demanding context you operate in.

Research projects in environmental protection

Our research activities focus on identifying and implementing innovative solutions to select the best possible alternative.


We have many years' experience of working with national parks and other authorities and organizations active in the area of environmental protection.

Our projects

Our projects focus on innovative activities to ensure effective protection of the native environment in its natural conditions, as well as on the comprehensive protection of the environment from the adverse impact of construction projects.

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We offer comprehensive environmental consultancy and project support services to any authorities, national parks, local governments, businesses and other investors.

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Photo gallery

See ECOEXPERT projects.

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Are you active in environmental protection? Are you planning or implementing an environmental project? Are you looking for new solutions? Or maybe you are not happy with the ecological impact of your project? We will be happy to help.

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Innovative - Comprehensive - Responsible

Our company’s actions are motivated by INNOVATION, which we understand to be a comprehensive and responsible approach to any project affecting the environment.

We want Poland to be a country rich in environmentally conscious investors and contractors. A project can only be successful with the end result in mind at all times across the delivery stages, and as a result of shifting the significance from funding or delivery to its envisaged ecological impact.

We strive to ensure that all projects affecting the environment are managed in a responsible manner to maximise the ecological impact.

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